- Manufacturer's Standards



  • Due to copyright issues, these documents can not be posted for public viewing - you need to purchase them - that is if you want a personal copy
  • What is ASTM? Simply put: It's an association of manufacturer's who come to a group consensus on standards of quality - essentially establishing baseline requirements for practically anything that is manufactured.
  • In the playground industry, the following four documents play a critical role:
  • F 1487-11 (around $71) - Standard for Playground Equipment for Public Use (ages 2-12) - this was updated in '11
  • F 2373-11 (around $66) - Standard for Playground Equipment for Public Use (ages 6 mos - 23 mos) - this was updated in '11
  • F 1292-09 (around $59) - Standard for Safety Surfacing Around Playground Equipment - this was updated in '09
  • F 2049 -11 (around $41) - Standard for Fencing  for Outdoor Play Areas - this was updated in '11 - this is often the forgotten standard
How can you get your own copy?
  • Log on to - in the SEARCH box, type in the reference number (for example: F 1292). it will bring you to all of the F 1292 documents - look for the most recent edition - you purchase on line
  • Note you will see STANDARD pricing (that is what is listed above) but there is also REDLINE pricing - RedLine is about double the cost...but the neat thing is that it will highlight any recent changes, additions, deletions, etc from the previous version - no more hunting for changes