- Americans with Disabilities Act

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

* When it comes to play areas - the ADA does have an impact

* This does get a tad tricky - as in some instances - the ADA may not be required

* It is the responsibility of the owner - to know what is needed

* If you have a question - drop us an email - - and we will give you our opinion

* You can send an email to (this is Technical Assistance) - and ask them for assistance

If you log on to the Access Board's web site - run a search for Play Areas - you can view/download the entire technical document, as well as obtain a copy of the ADAAG (Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines)


send an email to: and ask them to email you information, links, etc, as they relate to Play Areas

While you are at it - ask them to put you on the mailing list (paper or email) to obtain your copy of ACCESS CURRENTS - great resource

ADAAG Regulations are final for Titles II and II for the Americans with Disabilities Act

March 2012 - was the date - they are now - ADA Standards

Accessibility Standards for Federal Outdoor Developed Areas

* 2014 - Advancing Full Access and Inclusion (see #6 - Outdoor Guide below)

To the right are files for your viewing and downloading:

  1. ADA Guide - Developed by the KOMPAN Playground Company and Published by the US Department of Justice - this is the "how to" document used throughout the entire Industry
  2. ADA Play Types - we invite you to use this document to ensure you have a balanced play environment.  The Playground Regulations require a certain number of ground level "PLAY TYPES" - based on the number of elevated events
  3. Play Areas Final Rule - This is the actual Final Rule from November, 2000 - A tad tricky to navigate (which is a primary reason the design Guide was created)
  4. 2010 ADA Standards - This is the current ADA document - a must have for anyone designing practically anything.  Play Area Regs are found in Chapter 10.
  5. Crib Sheet 2010 - when you hunt through the 2010 ADA Standard - there is no published index - so this is a helpful guide we put together identifying Play Area information
  6. Outdoor Guide - A Summary of Accessibility Standards for Federal Outdoor Developed Areas (Trails; Camping; Picnic; Viewing Areas; Beaches)


ADA play-guide 2005.pdf ADA play-guide 2005.pdf
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Play Areas Final Rule.pdf Play Areas Final Rule.pdf
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2010ADAStandards.pdf 2010ADAStandards.pdf
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outdoor-guide.pdf outdoor-guide.pdf
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