- 3rd Party Independent Testing

IPEMA - International Play Equipment Manufacturer's Association
  • Coordinates and verifies 3rd party testing compliance - verifying many of the published ASTM Standards
The issue:
  • This industry does have some items that are subject to "interpretation" manufacturer says one thing...another may say something totally different
  • The IPEMA group pulls this all together - CONSISTENCY AND ACCURACY IS THEIR GOAL
What can you do?
  • Log on to the IPEMA web site
  • You can search for a particular manufacturer...and by inserting the product Model Number, you can get an actual certificate (see sample below)
  • Caution: Many times you may need to contact the manufacturer - if you are off a digit - a space - a simple typo can come up negative - so if you can't get verification CONTACT THE MANUFACTURER FOR ASSISTANCE - don't panic.

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To see a typical IPEMA certificate...

just open the file to the left (QUAD NET)