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The Office of John LaRue - owns and operates theirown TRIAX Testing Device and Rotational Penetrometer.

This is one of the very few in the Northeastern portion of the United States.

We are fully insured for this application.

These devices validate resilient surfacing and it's GMAX and HIC resilience criteria for ASTM 1292 - as well as for accessibility per ASTM 1951 and the USDOJ 2010 ADA Standard

Two files are available to the right - for review and downloading:

  • Inspection Flyer - we conduct CPSI; TRIAX and Accessibility Certification Inspections
  • TRIAX Brochure that further describes it's operation and properties.

Please see the information in the Education Seminar tab. We are able to provide an Education and Training Seminar that reveals all one needs to know - about Performance Based Standards - and the operational procedures with the TRIAX 2010 and Rotational Penetrometer- Seeing this (and actually operating it) - is very cool!

Inspec Flyer 2021.pdf Inspec Flyer 2021.pdf
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Triax2010 Brochure 9-12.pdf Triax2010 Brochure 9-12.pdf
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Please contact by calling 401.744.6901 or drop us an email at: for additional information.